Why You Should Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

February 20, 2018 9:55 am
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We want you and your family to have good dental habits so you can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles, and of course, pets are an important part of that family! It may seem unusual to brush your pet’s teeth, but if you do like you would your own, you can help preserve their natural teeth, give them better breath, and protect their health.

5 Reasons Your Pet’s Dental Health Is Important

February is National Pet Dental Health month, and in the spirit of our wonderful four-legged friends, we thought we’d share how your pet can benefit from good dental care.

  1. Better Breath
  2. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth keeps bacteria from building up. The lingering bacteria and germs in your pet’s mouth is what causes them to have smelly breath.

  3. Safeguard from Other Health Problems
  4. Built-up bacteria in your pet’s mouth can get into your pet’s bloodstream and affect your animal’s organs, in particular their heart.

  5. Prevent Tooth Loss
  6. When your pet’s teeth aren’t brushed, they can get severely decayed and infected causing them to fall out. This can be incredibly painful for your furry friends.

  7. Treat Painful Worn Teeth
  8. Your pets are rough on their teeth and good at hiding pain. If your pet’s teeth are bothering them, you may not be able to tell unless you take them in for a dental checkup.

  9. Reduce Risk of Gum Disease
  10. Animals are very susceptible to developing periodontal (gum) disease. Brushing your pet’s teeth and taking them to routine dental visits with the veterinarian can help keep their gums in great shape.

Taking care of your pet’s smile can help them have a healthier, happier life. But don’t forget about your own teeth!. If you’re overdue for your routine dental visit, contact our office to plan your next visit.

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