Why Is Candy Bad for Teeth?

October 22, 2019 4:26 pm
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With summer over and autumn making itself at home, it means it’s time for Halloween, candy, and holiday treats. You’ve no doubt heard that candy is bad for your teeth, but do you know why exactly? Let’s go over the facts:

The bacteria in Your Mouth Love Sugar

Your mouth is home to lots of bacteria, and they eat what you eat. Bacteria have a special relationship to carbs and sugar: they love the stuff. When you eat candy and other sugary treats, the bacteria go to work. Their meal produces acid, which when mixed with saliva, ends up coating your teeth as the sticky white film known as plaque. Plaque, which eventually hardens into tartar, is ultimately what causes tooth decay.

Candy Is Sticky, Which Makes It Hard to Remove

Bacteria produce plaque from all food – not just sugar – but candy doesn’t come with any benefits. Unlike other foods, it doesn’t contain any nutrients, so it only serves as a way for bacteria to make more plaque. Lots of candy types are also very sticky and get right on your teeth and in every little crevice, making it really easy for bacteria to produce lots of acid. If you don’t brush and floss well enough, that stickiness lingers a long time.

Candy Usually Stays in Your Mouth for a Long Time

Another reason why candy is especially bad for teeth is that it’s meant to stay in your mouth for a long time. Think of lollipops and hard candies, which you suck on and savor. Your mouth becomes awash with sugar and saliva, coating all your teeth and giving bacteria a big meal to produce plaque-causing acid.

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Why is candy bad for teeth? Candy causes plaque and tartar, which cause tooth decay. Besides avoiding candy (or brushing really well after indulging), the best way to prevent tooth decay is a solid oral health routine and checkups with Dr. Linkous. To get your teeth thoroughly cleaned and checked for any problems, come see Dr. Linkous and the team at Riverstone Dental Care!

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