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Reasons You May Be Experiencing a Toothache

June 28, 2022 10:57 pm

A toothache can be mild twinge or an intense, throbbing pain around a tooth. It can be accompanied by jaw pain and swelling; tender, red, or bleeding gums; tooth sensitivity; and a bad taste in your mouth. Whatever your symptoms, you should see your dentist ASAP for an emergency visit!

Your pain indicates a problem that needs to be addressed. For example, you may be experiencing a toothache due to:

  1. Infection
  2. Bacterial dental infections can develop because of an untreated cavity, inconsistent oral hygiene, a crack from physical trauma, a poor diet, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption, among other causes. If left untreated, a serious infection will damage the pulp, or innermost tissue, of your tooth. This can cause extreme pain. You will likely need root canal therapy to rid your tooth of the infection.

  3. Injury
  4. Chips, cracks, fractures, and other damage can occur if you’ve bitten down on something too hard or gotten hit in the face while playing a sport without a mouthguard. A damaged tooth can cause pain and lead to serious complications. Riverstone Dental Care offers emergency dentistry and can repair your damaged tooth with our restorative dental treatments!

  5. Gum Disease
  6. Gum disease is caused by bacteria overgrowth along the gums. If your gums are irritated and inflamed, they will likely feel tender, look red and swollen, and bleed easily. As the gums begin to separate from the teeth and expose your tooth root, you can experience sensitivity and pain. There are different treatment options available depending on the severity of your gum disease. We may recommend improved oral hygiene, antibiotics, and a deep cleaning with scaling and root planing.

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If you have a toothache, please schedule an appointment at Riverstone Dental Care! We provide an array of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental treatments. We also accept a range of payment options to make your oral healthcare affordable. Contact us today!

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