4 Tooth-Healthy Summertime Snacks

July 26, 2018 7:09 pm

There’s nothing more exciting to a child than summertime. While they play outside until the street lights come on, splash and swim in the pool, and hang out with their friends, it’s inevitable that they’ll get hungry from all the fun! Kids love sugar and they may beg for an unhealthy snack such as a candy bar, Little Debbie cake, Smucker’s Uncrustable®, or another sweet treat. Although these foods may taste yummy, they can wreak havoc on your little one’s teeth and cause cavities. Here, we’ll go over some healthier alternatives that your children are sure to love—and their smiles will too.

    summertime popsicles

  1. Homemade Fruit Popsicles
  2. Store-bought popsicles are filled to the brim with high fructose corn syrup. You can create a healthier version at home that still beats the summer heat. All you need is a popsicle mold and a blend of fresh fruit of your choosing, greek yogurt, and local honey. Pop them into the freezer until they solidify—bon appétit!

  3. Turkey & Cheddar Wraps
  4. Make your child a turkey and cheddar cheese wrap with a whole wheat tortilla. Depending on what your child likes, you can also add in low-fat olive oil mayonnaise, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, and cooked quinoa for more flavor.

    Ants on a log made with cut celery with peanut butter spread in the grooves topped with raisins

  5. Ants on a Log
  6. Kids love imaginative snacks. Ants on a log is a simple, easy-to-make treat that looks and tastes good. Spread peanut butter that doesn’t have hydrogenated oils into the natural groove of a washed celery stick and add raisins on top.

  7. Hummus Octopus
  8. Put a cup of hummus onto a plate and cut the top off of a bell pepper and put it upside down into the hummus. Then, cut eight slices of bell pepper and place them around the edge. Stick two olives onto the center bell pepper with the hummus to give the octopus eyes. We guarantee this hummus octopus will be a hit at every play date!

Don’t Forget About Your Child’s Dental Visits!

Summer is great for relaxing and unwinding, but don’t forget about your child’s oral hygiene. This includes providing them with a diet full of essential nutrients and making sure they maintain excellent dental habits and attend regular checkups at our office. If you have more questions about healthy snacks for your child or how to keep their teeth and gums in tip-top shape, contact Riverstone Dental Care today.

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